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For the effective protection of the interests that it legally defends, this Firm has a permanent team of Lawyers and interns in the various spheres of the Judiciary, enabling full-time procedural monitoring.

Professional activities include complete consultancy and assistance in the various areas of Law, especially in civil litigation, namely:

Civil Contracts

Purchase and sale, donation, lease, contract, loan, deposit, provision of services, mandate, civil society, insurance, surety, real estate development.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial purchase and sale, deposit, banking accounts and banking operations such as credit, discount, financing, transfer, financial market operations, leasing, franchising, know-how, engineering, factoring, international contracts, chattel mortgage, commercial representation, foreign awards accreditation, arbitration, including arbitration reports and compliance with rogatory letters.

Property Law

Possession, property, adverse possession, condominium, long term lease, easements, usufruct, pledge, mortgage, antichresis.

Civil Liability

Contractual or non-contractual, due to a third party or the matter, legal entities, the State, medical, manufacturer, builder.

Estate Law

Wills, deceased’s estate inventory and asset-sharing.

Family Law

Divorce, separation, custody of minors, alimony, paternity investigation, prenuptial agreement, property regime of a marriage, adoption.

Consumer’s Rights

Guidance and representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

Commercial Law

Constitution of public and private corporations, limited liability companies, corporate problems, contractual amendments, merger and division of companies, exchange securities in general, groups, consortia and affiliated companies, liquidation and extinction of companies, intellectual property, Copyright.

Sports Law

Assistance in complying with applicable legislation, defense before the competent bodies for the assessment of administrative and / or judicial procedures, preparation of opinions, contracts and other documents.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcies, composition with creditors, intervention and extrajudicial liquidation, civil insolvency.

Administrative Law

Expropriation, administrative easements, administrative acts, administrative contracts, bids, autarchies, foundations, state-owned companies, administrative processes.

Economic Law

Unfair competition, representation before the Secretariat of Economic Law and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE. Expertise in administrative and judicial proceedings related to the abuse of economic power. Assistance in commercial or corporate operations to avoid conflict with antitrust legislation.

Environmental Law

Business consulting for compliance with legislation, environmental audits, representation before public administration agencies responsible for licensing activities and monitoring compliance with environmental standards and disputes over contracts.

Real Property Law

Legal assistance in the preparation and negotiation of contracts related to civil construction. Examination and preparation of contracts with professionals from related areas, such as architects, engineers and consultants. Guidance in the preparation of offers and proposals. Legal consultancy in the acquisition of real estate, as well as in the preparation and negotiation of contracts for the planning, construction and management phases of real estate projects.

Banking and Financial Operations

Representation of financial institutions and multilateral agencies in loan operations and related transactions. The Firm represents both creditors and borrowers and offers consultancy services in negotiations, contracts and financial transactions.

Criminal Law

Electoral crimes. Crimes against the public administration. Crimes against the environment. Money laundering crimes. Crimes against the tax order. Crimes against the financial system. Crimes against the popular economy. Crimes against the capital market. Crimes against consumer relations. Crimes against intellectual property. Embezzlement and other frauds. Bankruptcy crimes. Crimes committed on the internet. Crimes of lesser offensive potential (Special Criminal Courts). Public Prosecution Assistance.


Advisory and litigation advocacy in tax matters. Income Tax (IRPF and IRPJ). Social Contributions (CSLL. COFINS. PIS. Contributions on the Payroll). Economic Domain Interference Contributions. Value Added Tax (ICMS). Tax on Services (ISS). Tax on Transfer of Cause Mortis and Donations. Tax Incentives. Immunity. Exemptions. Taxes levied on Foreign Trade. Taxation of Brazilian capital abroad and foreign capital in Brazil. Tax structuring of business projects.

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